dog-on-hardwood-floor-homepage-with-dialogueYou love the look of hardwood flooring, but you own a dog. Hardwood flooring is from the question, right? Luckily, that’s not the situation. Your furry friend may live in harmony with your hardwood floors. You only need to make sure to select the right features to ensure the very best hardwood floors for puppies.


“We recommend our dog-friendly finish for households with puppies,” says Greg Gaylord, Revenue Manager at Gaylord Hardwood Flooring. “It’s a lower sheen therefore it will help to conceal the dents and scratches that pets can put in your own floor.” The blend of today’s high-power pot lights along with a glossy flooring can magnify every dent and scrape. Because the dog-friendly finish isn’t as shiny as a normal finish, it can help to visually conceal the fine marks that animals’ claws could render on timber flooring as time passes. The decrease sheen of the dog-friendly finish has another significant benefit — it can lessen the time spent cleaning your new floor. A lower-gloss finish makes pet hair and dirt significantly less observable. If you can’t see it, then you don’t have to clean it. Right? If you dream about having dark hardwood flooring, you likely know they can make dirt, scratches and dog hair more clear. Tone down these issues by picking out the dog-friendly finish. “If you’re going to go with a dark ground, deciding upon a lower-gloss finish can lessen the appearance of scratches and dents,” notes Gaylord. There is not any such thing as”scratch proof wood floors”, however, choosing a lower gloss will surely get you a wood floor that looks scratch resistant.


When choosing the best hardwood flooring for dogs, it’s also wise to look for hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating. The Janka Hardness Scale measures a wood’s resistance to scratches, dents and wear. In other words, the greater the Janka rating, the more resistant the wood is to scratches from the pet’s claws. Another choice when seeking the best hardwood floors for dogs is distressed wood. “Distressed wood is great for pet owners since a dent or a scratch does not detract from its beauty,” says Gaylord. We scratch out the dyes of the wood grain, leaving the textured, tougher grain. Paired with all the dog-friendly end, it makes scratches and dents almost disappear.”


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